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Truck Tub Truck Wash in Kingman Arizonia, the best truck wash on I-40, will provide you with an exceptional truck wash and an enjoyable overall experience. While specializing in big rig 18-wheeler’s washing, Truck Tub will wash everything from cars, pickup trucks, RV’s, Tractors, Semi-Trailers, and Much More! Truck Tub has a great wash crew. Plain and simply they do the job right.

While your truck is being washed we have created a relaxing atmosphere for our drivers:

The most effective advertising a company can do is operating a clean truck on the highway. Protect your IMAGE!

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Darrel Brady, (Owner) Class of ‘65


Truck Tub

2662 WEST HWY 66      Kingman Az, 86413

Phone: (928) 753-4442    Fax: (928) 753-9372

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